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Brijesta Tower – Pelješac, Dubrovnik

Local Dubrovnik history is among the richest in Croatia. Many would say it’s also among the most versatile in entire Europe. Some astonishing sights and historical stories definitely revolves around the Brijesta Tower dating back to 1617. A.D. Pelješac, Dubrovnik. From which ever angle you look at, the Brijesta Tower stands out prominently as the highest man made structure in the area.

The tower served as a defense object where people hid from intruders. The intruders were a common occurrence in centuries to come. Given that fact, the Brijesta tower really served its purpose to the fullest.

The Brijesta Tower is on display for visitors to learn about the rich cultural heritage of past times.

Standing there for centuries, it has seen many wars, celebrations, conflicts and peace agreements. Up until mid-90s! It certainly has volumes to speak and it would be a good idea to take a listen. The Dubrovnik Republic built the Brijesta tower. Protection from pirates that came to rob and perform other gruesome atrocities countless times. The pirates usually originating from the Neretva river and the Makarska area.

There are a few other interesting facts about the Brijesta tower. For instance, it was equipped with a kitchen and even water installations. They were built in order for the hiding people to prepare food and have water supply for longer periods. The tower had three floors, each connected to the other with a six-meter ladder.  The people would use the upper windows in a very peculiar fashion. Namely, they would spill hot olive oil on the enemies below in hope of them fleeing. 3000 square meters around the Tower were walled and summed up as a safe zone.

Brijesta, Pelješac, Dubrovnik.

The Brijesta Tower from 1617 A.D. is one of the building blocks of the local Dubrovnik history. Rich cultural heritage combined with local live knowledge will be a memory you will carry with you in years to come. All you need to do is choose to camp in Brijesta or, book your accommodation in Brijesta.

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