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Biking, Hiking & Walking Trails

While spending a holiday in Brijesta, one cannot go wrong with choosing one of numerous biking, hiking & walking trails scattered around the entire peninsula of Pelješac. This is the perfect way to see the breath-taking countryside embellished with olive trees and other rich Mediterranean vegetation. The nature proves to be a miracle for one’s lungs over and over for hundreds of years. Why not take this opportunity and choose one of many available trails? Choose your preferred mode of transport (bike, on foot) to revitalize your body and soul for the whole year.

You can start from Brijesta and literally explore the entire peninsula northbound or southbound.

You will be amazed by the breath-taking views of the sea and inland. Just by carelessly cruising on your bike or stretching your feet through one of the most beautiful parts of this southernmost region. Pelješac is a place where you can effortlessly energize because the peninsula itself is so giving in nature. Seeing, smelling and spending time in a cypress forest is not an opportunity given to you every day. Therefore, grab it and make this the holiday of your life!

Did you know that running only burns 20 percent more calories than an average walk? If you choose to do some exercise, the network of biking, hiking & walking trails in the Brijesta bay area will provide you with countless routes! Each of them hides a different little miracle of nature. Furthermore, the feel of a soothing Mediterranean wind combined with extreme vegetation diversity is overwhelmingly relaxing.  The peninsula rises from 0 to almost a thousand meters above sea level is just one of many. Finally, this makes Brijesta, located around the middle of Pelješac, a perfect place to start an active vacation of your choice.

Other Activities in Brijesta

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